~Sony PSP Project~

Sony PSP

So, not been any updates for awhile but that was mainly due to me having a clear out of some old odds and ends on eBay to help fund my projects.

Speaking of which, I’ve decided to push my 3D printed idea into the back burner and focus on something i spotted somebody doing over at the Retropie forums. The guy posts as Adamspc, and his site is www.othermod.com where he is doing some amazing things with an old PSP and a Pi Zero. If you visit this site, you’ll find some excellent information, guides and tutorials which I am finding very interesting. So much so, that I am assembling parts to replicate this myself.

As othermod has such detail, I’m probably not going to bother with anything in depth here, but rather as a relative novice, I suppose I could be a good yardstick for people wanting to copy his lead. I reckon if I can build it (and it is pretty complex) then other people should be able to as well. I’ll post my thoughts and progression here once I’ve for all the components and time to devote to the build, which will probably be the autumn through to the new year I think.



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