Had excellent response to all of my hard work here, thanks, but onto new tinkerings!

Basically, my friend Mr Chris Smith has kind-of stolen my next project idea from beneath me. I’d like to say I inspired him to do this, so I will do, but I’m going to be postponing my plan to construct an Arcade Cabinet since he is on with a table-top one of his own at the minute. As soon as he puts his blog up (think he’s doing an instructable) I’ll chuck a link up to it here so you can check it out.

As I spoke about before though, I have another fine friend who has a 3D printer and we are now collaborating on a handheld based on this one: PiGRRL Zero

I’ve been speaking to Mike Taylor about this for awhile, but he has recently got his printer back up and running and set about printing again. So we thought it would be prime time to get that going whilst I assemble the bits and plan the wiring etc. We’ve decided that the 2.2 inch screen used for the project Adafruit have documented would be a bit too small, so instead we are moving to a 2.4 inch screen by them instead. This actually gives us another button on the front to play with as well so we have 5 instead of 4 to utilise for extra buttons. I am thinking that Playstation games might fair well (maybe not the more advanced ones) so two of them will be for L2 and R2, 2 for Start and Select and the last one as a shutdown command button so I can safely power down the Pi before cutting the mains. On top of this, the 2.4 inch screen is a touchscreen. I was thinking I might try and incorporate SCUMMVM games into this build as well, depending on how much it strains your eyes to play adventure games on a smaller screen or not. It’s an option anyway, and a nice bonus if I can get it working OK. I’d definitely need to use a stylus with that though, as fingertips just wouldn’t be accurate enough.

Anyway, here are some first draft ideas and revisions that me and Mike are looking at:

This is the case from the original project we are building from
This is the size of the 2.4 inch screen overlaid onto the case footprint (the black marks represent the holes in the original project for buttons, but there is an extra one on the 2.4 inch screen so we needed to move them before printing)
This is the new marked-up cut-outs for the case we intend on printing
And here is the freshly printed back cover (we went ahead with this as no changes were required to this)

Still to get are the pad PCBs, Powerboost Circuit, Screen, Buttons, Wires, Battery…. basically everything except the Pi Zero, which I’ve got already. Gonna be a long project this one! Exciting though, keep checking back for updates!